iToplight D-100

NOTE: This model is no longer available and has instead been replaced by the new iToplight D-300.

Smart technology in a compact package

The iToplight D-100 features a bright multicolor 8x40 display that can show status messages, pricing, booking numbers and all types of messages.
It has external status zones (green or green/red leds) on the back corners and an illuminated rear zone. The D-100 is suitable for magnetic fixings, side fixings or using roof racks.



Customers can now clearly see and understand if your taxis are booked, vacant or busy


The iToplight can automatically switch between multiple languages, e.g. your local language and English


The iToplight's LED display is bright enough to be visible in daylight and can show messages in either two or three colors


The display supports both text messages and bitmaps, so there are no limitations to what you can show

Pointguard's iToplight D-100 Smart Taxi Sign - Features
Nr of colors: 3 or 2 (YGR or YG)
Display Size: 320x72 mm
Resolution: 8x40
Pixel pitch: 8 mm
Light intensity: 2900 mCd
Plastics: PC
Communication: Serial (BT or RS232)
Nr of hardware triggers: 5
Size: 154x404x172 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Q: How can I control the iToplight?
    A: Basic functionality (BUSY/VACANT) is usually controlled by the taximeter, the other memory slots can either be controlled by our smartphone app, direct integration with the dispatch system or by hardware triggers.
  •  Q: Can I get a custom color?
    A: The D-100 is available in yellow plastics as standard, but it can be painted in almost any color for an additional cost.
  •  Q: Is the iToplight allowed in my country?
    A: Regulations for taxi roof signs are quite different in different countries and to be sure we recommend checking with the local regulation before ordering.